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Searching for Taylor Swift (video)

I recently appeared in as a co-star in D4 Entertainment’s web-series, “Searching for Taylor Swift, episode 4”. The series humorously documents the struggle of a 25 year old Colombian Taylor Swift fan and his off the wall quest to meet his unlikely idol. Check it out below:  

Hosting: From Homeless to Hollywood!

Meet Tommy McInnis who talks of his inspiring comeback from living in the NY Subway tunnels to becoming a working actor & author! TOMMY MCINNIS – @Tommy7427 THE COMEDY BAR – @ComedyBarNYC NY ACTORS TWEETUP – @NYActorsTweeup JODY FORMICA | makeup artist – @JodyFormica

Hosting: Short Film Screening Series

Film & Flattery: Who doesn’t love those 2 things? In this interview at the NY Actors Tweetup, I speak with Geoffrey Guerrero Founder/Director of the Katra Film Series… and he makes me blush! The Katra Film Series spotlights provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work in front of a live audience and to network with like-minded industry folks.

Hosting: 13 Characters, 1 Actress

At the last NY Actors Tweetup networking event, I had the chance to sit down with a few industry professionals at the brand new Comedy Bar in NYC! In this episode I talk to Qurrat Ann Kadwani, star and creator of the 1-woman show, “They Call Me Q”. To learn more please visit: QURRAT KADWANI – @QurratAnn THE COMEDY BAR – @ComedyBarNYC NY ACTORS TWEETUP – @NYActorsTweeup

POSTURES now online!

The short film “Postures” written & directed by Soren Bailey is now on Vimeo! Description: POSTURES is a short comedy about a young woman, Kimberly (Marissa Mutascio), who is sent by her fringe religious sect undercover to investigate a yoga studio, but is she flexible enough to handle the job?